Here are a couple of films I have pieced together using mobile phone footage and music I have produced.

Exploring the Thames Estuary

This short film documents my journey from Beckton Creek Barrier too Grays in Thurrock, along the North side of the River Thames and Thames Estuary.

Done in segments my trips were mainly to explore and take photos but I remembered I filmed a few short landscape panoramas on my iPhone to capture the atmosphere of the Thames Estuary.

I have pieced these together along with some tracks I recently made.

Beneath The Westway

This video is made from some old mobile phone footage I shot in 2010 of graffiti beneath the Westway flyover, West London. I used to love looking at the giant wall of tags under the A40 on my daily commute, in particular the FUME tag which could be seen frequently in the Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush areas throughout the 90s and 2000s.

The music I produced on the MPC Live and will be released soon.